Odomase's Neighbours: Awua-Domase


About 1660, when Asantemanso was destroyed, a large number of Doma refugees came to Nkwanta and settled in various places but mainly at Fawoman (Nsuta) and Abesem. The majority of the Doma, however, settled beyond the Tano River in the region of Berekum, where they founded Abamperedease on land that belonged to Aduana clan people of Bono origin, to-day called the Suatre people after their present town, which is about 20 miles from Berekum [Information given by the Suatrehene Nana Yao Nti II and his elders].


Rudimentary colonial era map showing the relative locations of Odomase and her neighbours. Reproduced from "Akan Traditions of Origin".