Odomase's Neighbours: Awua-Domase


Tanosu, built where the road crosses the Tano River, was founded by prisoners of war taken by Opoku Ware in Akyem in 1742. A priest who was among them was appointed caretaker of the Tano god. Later in the reign of Opoku Ware a faction moved and founded Bechem on the main road beyond Nkwanta.

[Information given by the Nkwantahene]

There was a war between Ashanti and Domaa; the spoils gained from Domaa were shared in the presence of the Ashantihene at Bechem which derived its name. The whole Ahene from Ashanti preferred spoils and people captured were shared among them, but the Offinsuhene preferred land therefore a heavy land from Bechem was dashed to the Offinsuhene and Bechem became a boundary defined between Nkwanta and Offinsu.

[culled from Offinsuhene's letter, dated 13th April 1933, voting to rejoin the Restoration of the Ashanti Confederacy in 1935]

Rudimentary colonial era map showing the relative locations of Odomase and her neighbours. Reproduced from "Akan Traditions of Origin".