Odomase's Neighbours: Awua-Domase


About 1700 the Doma town Asuntiriso [Suntreso] (near Kumasi) was destroyed by Osei Tutu and when the refugees sought refuge in Nkwanta [Duayaw Nkwanta], Osei Tutu invaded the country (probably shortly after the Denkyira war). The Doma and Nkwanta people were beaten and retreated into Gyaman, a state which had been founded by the Doma after the destruction of Asantemanso. Nkwanta became a vassal state of Asante, but the Nkwantahene Sekyi Amanda and his chiefs and elders, unwilling to return, erected a state among the Mfoto in Gyaman. A prince, however, was sent back to Nkwanta and he, under the name of Koto Asamoa, took an oath of allegiance to Osei Tutu and was created Nkwantahene of a greatly reduced Nkwanta State. He rebuilt the destroyed capital on the banks of the river Paupau. Koto Asamoa was accompanied by a Doma prince when he returned from Gyaman. The latter became the chief of the Doma community at Abesem after he too had sworn an oath of allegiance to Osei Tutu.

[Information given by the Nkwantahene Nana Boakye Tromu II and his Elders].


Rudimentary colonial era map showing the relative locations of Odomase and her neighbours. Reproduced from "Akan Traditions of Origin".