Odomase's Neighbours: Awua-Domase


After Amakum was defeated by Osei Tutu (1698 or 1699) some of the Asine [Asenie] people emigrated and settled at Abesim at the time the Nkwanta and Doma people had evacuated the country and were in Gyaman. When the Doma returned to Abesim the Amakum were asked to go and were given land in the region of Ason-Ndwae, a place that had been used, as the name says, for the cutting up of elephants by the hunters of the Nkwantahene. There, under their chief Boahene Koko they founded a town which kept the old name Ason-Ndwae, today corrupted into Sunyani...

[Information given by the Sunyanihene and his Elders]