Afua Moku, aka Afua Fofie: Common Ancestor of Odomase, Bantama Chiefs

From R.S. Rattray (1927):

Many Ashanti mothers do not feed their infants for the first two or three days after birth, but call in a wet nurse (obagyegyefo), lit.  'one who receives the infant'. In the case of a child of the Oyoko or Royal clan, from  which were drawn the Ashanti kings, this was always done. The woman so chosen was compelled to send away her own child and to nurse the royal baby. Such a foster-mother found great honour; she was fed on the best food  and richly dressed; she might be given 'a stool' and subjects, and so become the founder of a new house. Her own child, which she had been compelled to leave with another woman to suckle, might  also be made a chief. Many of the Coomassie [Kumasi] chiefs owe their position to this cause in the olden times. Afua Fofie [aka Afua Moku, a Dwaben woman], an ancestress of the present chief of Bantama, the Ashanti war lord, suckled the famous Ashanti king, Osae Tutu [Osei Tutu]. Afua Fofie was mother of Amankwatia who was created the Chief of Bantama.

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