Gold Coast map lists Odomase next to Wenchi (Wenki), Berekum,  and Techiman, the important towns of the era. Sunyani, which was subsequently elevated to the status of District and Regional Capital by the British in 1919, following the Yaa Asantewaa War and apparently because of frequent and persistent harassment by the hostile Odomase warriors, is nowhere to be found on the map.


Map showing (in red) the ancient trade route  from Cape Coast to the important town of Bontuku (Bonduku, now part of the Cote d'Ivoire

Map showing Odomase's Neighbours


Simplified map showing the ancient trade route from Kumase to Gyaaman and environs. Culled from "Akan Traditions of Origin"



Layout map of Kumasi in 1900 as depicted in Capt Armitage's book on the Yaa Asantewaa War.


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