Odomase: Reports of Early European Travelers


....The end of this day's march brought us to the village of Tetcheri (Tekyire).


On the 5th we only marched four hours, halting at the large village of Tanno-su (Tanoso),.........

After seven hours' marching we arrived at the town of Odomasi, a place apparently of some importance. The name signifies "under the Odom", which latter, I was informed by a native of the place, is a tree of somewhat small size characterized by a poisonous bark, the properties of which are so deadly as to occasion the death of any rats that may happen to gnaw it. The bark does not appear to be used medicinally, but it furnishes a poison that is made use of as an ordeal in some native trials. The Odom (my informant stated) must not be confounded with the Odum, a large hardwood tree... resembling the Bombax in external appearance.... common in the forest and gives its name (Odumasi) to a number of towns and villages.


.......In spite of the man's emphatic statement..... I am inclined to think that this town was really named Odumasi, since I observed a large Odum tree in one of the streets.

R. Austin Freeman pp 143-146  

A Journey to Gyaman in 1888 

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