Odumase Origins


Odumase was founded [circa 1701] by Awuna Panyin [AwuaPanyin] a nephew of the Bantamahene- Bantama is near Kumasi- who had amassed great wealth in Gyaman and who, when he was due to succeed to the Bantama stool,  left his town Awuna [Awua] in Gyaman with his people and thousands of slaves. Reaching Sunyani, he found that it was impractical to take them all to Bantama and left them behind in the care of his nephew Kwasi Bosomtwe, and under whom they built the town of Odumase. After the 1730 war, the whole area between Odumase and Bantama came under the overlordship of the Bantamahene, in recognition of the help Bantama had given to the Asantehene


[information given by Odumasehene Nana Yaw Awua and his Elders]


The Odumase people were joined some time after by a Denkyira prince and his followers. The prince, Kobina Antepim, had settled with a number of Denkyiras at Takyiman when he had failed to become Denkyirahene. There he had become a hunter, and it was when the Asante-Bono war of 1740 overtook him that he moved to Odumase, remembering the region to be rich in elephants. Thus today Odomase has two Amanhene, one a descendant of the Bantama stool, and the other of Kobina Antepim, the Denkyira prince


[information given by Odomasehene Nana Kwasi Apraku and his Elders]



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